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37 Rules For Watchfulness In A World Full Of Wolves
#2  I will always seek the Lord for strength and direction and examine the scriptures with no biases or assumptions.  

A. W. Pink on Tithing 
With rebuttal comments by Russell Earl Kelly.

About Us

A Meeting of the "Church?"
When a local institutional church” meets together, 
what does that mean specifically?

A Religious Sociopath  
Is a religious sociopath present in your church leadership?  
Before you answer too soon, read this brief article first.

Around The World
See where reaches around the world.

A Wise Woman Builds Her House  
Are you a wise woman?

A Woman After God's Own Heart  
"...She knows too much..."

A Word To The Wives  
The dynamics of deception in church leadership exposed...with 
quotes from a typical message by spiritual abusers.

Aberrations in an Abusive Church 
What are some of the "policies" that are put into practice 
in these types of churches?

And The Two Shall Be One
Few indeed who have repeated their vows and exchanged their rings 
have even the slightest sense of the immensity of their actions.

Are You A Berean?
A brief examination of ACTS 17:11
One of the most misinterpreted, prepackaged verses in the New Testament.

Are You In A Cult?
Why and how do professing Christians allow themselves to be put under bondage at their local institutional churches?  

As The Church Burns
This brief article exposes a recent blog posting by a pastor who says that skipping church is a bad idea and spiritually dangerous.

Authority in "Church Government"  
Another "point of view" that we rarely hear about, 
yet ought to receive our "Berean" consideration.

"Authority "- The Most Widely Abused Form Of Fear
Using very select passages of the Bible to validate authoritarianism is a common practice in the world of churches. 

Because I'm The Pastor, That's Why!  
Chapter 9 of "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse"  A Must Read.

Being Deceived
Who is Jesus REALLY warning us about?  Is anyone listening?

Biblical Leadership Then and Now  
Which one is a Biblical servant:  # 1  or  # 2?  
Read the article and answer the question for yourself.

Breaking Free  
There really is life after spiritual abuse.

Boxed Church  
A routine of pretty much the same food, the same taste.

Brainwashing: How church leaders prevail in their deception  
Read how these serial killers of the soul operate each and every week.

Brood of Vipers/Ravenous Wolves  
Excerpts from, "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse
by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen.

Buzz Words Used In Spiritually Abusive Churches  
See the words used by 'church leaders' as they interact with the membership. 

Calling A Spade A Spade  
Is it right to call names, to name names, and to expose false teachings?

Cattle and Sheep
"Pastors" today teach that they have the same authority and the same function like Moses had in the Old Covenant.  Really?

Are you guilty of censoring God's Holy Word? Some people are!

Christianity vs. Churchianity  
Written in 1883, a short article by A.A.Phelps

As human beings, something in us draws us to the things we join. 
 Is churchmanship a biblical notion?

Church In The Garden Of Eden  
Genesis 3:  The Serpent appears to have had "church."

Church Leaders Versus God  
               Do you have the right to study the Bible for yourself?; 
Do you really have the freedom to come to your own conclusions?       

Confessions of a Pastoral Bully  
"..My proper name and title, by unanimous consent, is.."

Coronavirus Update
"You have the right to remain stupid"

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms  
Are the Scriptures really your authority or the traditions of men?

Current News

Do Elders Rule? Hebrews 13: 7 & 17  
"Sometimes its harder to 'unlearn' than it is to learn".

Dressing Up For Church  
"Would you dress that way if you had a meeting with the President?"

"Ear's To Hear!"
Listen to the hot air from this week's pastor

Are you guilty of idolatry?  Don't answer too soon. 
 "Going to church" might be just that!

Elder Rule - From Wolf to Wolf Pack  
The evils of a runaway "elder system."

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Evangelical Snobbery  
Words from A.W. Tozer.

F A Q's

Forsake Not The Assembling  
Are you expected to attend the stated meetings of the church 
unless you are providentially hindered?

His Ashes Cry Out Against John Calvin  
The truth about John Calvin.

Home Page

Home Wreckers For God  
A sad story about the destruction of a family.

How Abusive Ministries Defend Themselves
Abusive church leaders and their tactics in bringing down church members

How To Deal With Deceptive Preachers  
How are we to respond to these arrogant subverters of Truth? 
The Scriptural answer is clear.

How To Spot A Manipulative Church Leader
What happens under the spell of a master manipulator?

In Everything
An article that your local church, your pastor, and all feminists will hate 
but one that will be loved by those who are called according to His grace.

Being freed from church and free in Christ

Is Attending Church A Spectator Event For You?  
Don't answer too soon.

Is Your Family Next?  
An example of a follower who, "Obeys them that have the rule over her."

Leaders in the place of GOD  
Popish demeanor reveals pride in the heart.

Jesus could not have been more clear on the issue of leadership; 
but apparently, not clear enough for some people.

Mind Control: Six Tell-Tale Signs of Abusive Church Leaders  
Check for these signs.  Do they appear in your church?

Modern Family Life: Personal Observations and Reflections
The norm of most of history was that families would actually 
spend their lives together, – all day. Not any more!

No Fellowship? No Problem!  
Does your spiritual life and walk with God 
depend upon the acceptance of other Christians?

Not For The Better
Paul told the Corinthians that when they came together it was not for the better, but for the worse.

An examination of the all-time favorite verses that church leaders love.

Opening Info Page

Others May...You Cannot
Why do other Christians see things differently than you do?

Our Visitors

Pastor's Page
Printer Friendly page of, "Should Pastor's Be Cared For?"

Pastoral Oil
Where did your theological mind-set come from? 
Is there any room for change?

Pastoral Search Report  
See which is the right candidate for your church.

Pastoral Theology Lectures
Illustrating the lie and hypocrisy of the Pastoral Office 
(with commentary at the end)

Paul/Peter Controversy
Did Paul confront the apostle Peter in Galatians 2?  
This author says no.

Pressing Questions
Take another survey and find some answers

Profile of a Pharisee  
Who could this be?

Protect Your Marriage
Church leaders, as well as your so-called Christian friends will ruin 
your marriage faster than the heathens down at the local tavern.

Qualifications for Elders
Does 1st Timothy 3 and Titus Chapter 1 list qualifications for the office 
of elder?  Many religious strongmen answer yes.

Quotes from a famous leader of the flock  
Many decades of service, "all for the love of his people." 

Recommended Reading

"Rule By Elder" Exposed   
Is the translators choice of "Rule" or "rule over them" correct?

Seven Deadly Signs of an Unhealthy and Unstable Christian
Are they in your church?  Are they in your leader?  Are they in YOU?

Shepherd/Sheep Perversion  
Many "leaders" twist the symbolic nature of the shepherd-sheep analogy and apply it almost literally.

Should Pastors Be 'Cared For'?  
Binding the consciences of God's people?  WARNINGNot for the timid.

Should the Church Teach Tithing?  
A great article and book by Dr. Russell Kelly exposing this great Christian deception.  

Six Most Quoted Lies About Tithing 
Again, Russell Kelly hits the nail right on the head.

Spiritual Abuse Survey  
Is your church a safe place? Take the survey and see.

Spread the Word

Starting A Church  
How to start a church: "waiting on the Lord; signing a covenant; constituting ourselves;" This is very, very, mysterious.

Submission Defined by Elizabeth Elliot
It’s submission to a husband that is the sticking point.

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...where the truth comes to life...

The Christian Church: Distorted and Deformed   
The word “c-h-u-r-c-h” has affected our whole approach to the meaning of the body of Christ.  Search out this article and see why!

Like a dead corpse rotting away...



ACTS 19:23-41

"C-H-U-R-C-H"..."C-H-U-R-C-H"... AND MORE "C-H-U-R-C-H"







The Christian's Greatest Enemy
What is the worst enemy the church faces today?  
Read what A.W. Tozer has to say.

The Clergy: From God or Man? 
God’s thoughts as to Divine order within the Church.

The Code of Silence in the Assembly  
The code that needs to be inculcated early on in every church member's mind.   

The Early "Church Fathers"
People always bring up the matter of the “early Church Fathers.”  
Really?  So what’s that supposed to mean? 

The Edifice Complex  
Why a Christian should never do church in a church building.

The Eldership Cookbook  
What happens when you reject the teachings of Scripture and the example of the apostles?

The False Teaching of Delegated Authority
Is delegated authority in the church biblical? 
No, and this article will prove it to you.

The Flock of God  
"They shall become ONE flock, ONE Shepherd."

The Good Samaritan
Are you like the "Good Samaritan" who Jesus pointed out 
as the example to eternal life? Don't answer too soon!

The Law Done Away
Some thoughts on the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath, Covenants, and the current theological teachings in many local institutional churches.

The Old or The New 
 The Church today doesn’t want the New Covenant to replace the Old.

The Naked Truth
Has God determined that false teachers are necessary 
to catch and filter out those who pervert and abuse the truth? 

The Parable of the Ditchdigger  
Christ has given His people work to do, but as time passed, His people came up with a better idea.

The Pastor Chasers  
Please read with a teachable spirit.

The Pastorate
Where is the pastor found in the Bible? Nowhere!    
It is a man-made, false position.

The 'Pastorization' of Christians  
Among the world of Christians, there is a "Christian Dumbing Down."

The Pastor: Where Did He Come From?
By Frank Viola - An excerpt from the book "Pagan Christianity"

The Pearly Gates
Then, “the pastor” (Pastor John) died and stood before God:

The Pharisee: Alive and Well
Words to live by from the Gospel of John Chapter 9

The Primacy of Preaching??
A specialist who issues forth a monologue Sunday after Sunday is not Biblical.

The Pulpit  
A short article on its origins and its purpose.

The Wizard of Oz  
Many pastors today are just like the Wizard of Oz.

There Is One Body  
There is only ONE!  Not two; not many, but one (Ephesians. 4:4). 

There's A Sheep Born Every Second
It is no accident that God refers to people as sheep - probably not the highest compliment.

There's  No  Place  Like  Home  
How the Institutional Church destroys families.

"They told me that if I left..."
A revealing article by Ron Henzel that focuses on leaving
spiritually abusive church systems.

Tithing: The Great Christian Deception  
An examination of a typical tithing message entitled
 "Tithing as an aid to giving" given by a typical tithing teacher.

"Touch Not The Lord's Anointed" catch cry  
Another favorite verse, turned into poison by many pastors/elders. 

True Worship  
"Where should we worship?," "What church should we attend?," "What ministry should we submit to?" 

Truth In A Nutshell
Boiling it right down to its essence, this brief article will deal with what 
exactly is wrong with today's "religious mind-set," giving you the "truth in a nutshell." 

(12) Twelve Established and Proven Marks 
of Wicked, Diabolical "Church Leaders"

"Two Plus Two Equals Five”
2 + 2 = 5
Short article/video exposing the tactics of eliminating truth tellers.
How "churches" and "leaders" get their way.

Unslain By Pride  
May some of you think long and hard about your 
continued aggrandizement of carnal men.

"We Must Obey God Rather Than Men"  
An all time favorite verse for many churches.  Read it and weep.

What Does The Bible Say About Membership In A Local Church?  
Are God's people "church members?"

What Is A Biblical Christian?  
Is it what we hear coming from the musty halls of Christendom?  Really? 

What Jesus Said About Those Who 
"Went To Church" In His Day 
What did He say, and what would He say today if He were to return?

What Would Satan Do?  
What else but gather together his ministers of righteousness for a time of instruction.

What's Wrong With Preaching Today?  
Where does God exalt the "Office of Preacher?"

When Clergy Prey  
The vicious preying continues ad nauseam.

When Should A Christian Leave A Church?  
"Not my church!"  "Never!" An article by John G. Reisinger

Where Are The Churches?  
What would it be like if there was no church to worship in?

Where Did The Pastor Come From?
Not from the Bible! Can we be open-minded enough 
to ask questions about this subject?

While Men Slept
Are you sure you have the Truth?

Whose Slave Are You? 
 Virtually no one in the church knows how to stand on their own feet spiritually.

Why Are We Here?  
More info as to why the need for

Why Do You Go To Church?
Let's bare the bones and expose this dreaded orthodox monster

Why "Going To Church" Is UNbiblical
This brief article will prove, 
FROM THE BIBLE, why "going to church" is UNbiblical.

Why Legalism Reigns in Spiritually Abusive Systems  
Some thoughts concerning legalism; "legalistic Christians" and organizations

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