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Abortion and your appointment with the dismemberer
Posted: January 22, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

© 2008

by Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action

Your appointment with the dismemberer

Happy 35th anniversary.  Let's see, 25th is silver, and 50th is gold.  What marks the 35th anniversary again?  Oh yeah: blood

The blood of nearly 50 million children slaughtered by a Supreme Court and a willing, bystanding America. 

I have an anniversary present for those of you who think the whole "choice" thing is the way to go.  Maybe you didn't hold the banners, but your silence has confirmed your agreement with someone's "right to choose" the fate of someone else. 

So now, in celebration of 35 years of "choice," someone is about to exercise his right to choose what happens with your life: You have an appointment. 

At 9 a.m. tomorrow you're going to get to see firsthand what all the slogans are about.  Oh, not to observe, to participate.  The following is so graphic that it is not recommended for children without parental notice or consent (just like abortion). 

First thing tomorrow, you are scheduled to be strapped down while an instrument with sharp metal teeth will clamp down on your foot and, with a twisting motion, pull it from your body. 

When the metal instruments are aimed at you, even the catchiest chant won't diminish the pain in your leg. 

Then, without any anesthesia, your ankle and calf will be torn from your body to about your kneecap. 

Then the thigh, then the other foot, calf and thigh pulled apart while you watch and scream in pain. 

But don't' worry; the room is soundproof and no one will be able to hear you.  Oh, you're still alive. Bleeding, but not as much as you're going to be when your right hand is ripped off your wrist. 

Then your forearm, then all the way to your shoulder.  And then the left hand and arm.  Then your torso will be ripped apart, exposing your rib cage and beating heart. 

The heart will stop beating just about the time your head is crushed.  That's what will happen from 9 to about 9:30 tomorrow morning. 

If this "choice" was scheduled for you tomorrow morning, what would you want someone to do about it? 

A) Write their congressman.
B) Send a letter to the editor.
C) Hold a press conference.
D) Wear a button.
E) Wave a sign.
F) Talk about all the other "important issues."

Face it: Abortion makes Gitmo look like summer camp.  And we've been torturing American children for 35 years now.  The body count is nearly 50 million.  But some say, "We don't think it is yet time to pursue efforts to prohibit abortion."  That's "too extreme."  There are "other issues" upon which we must focus. Compromise, incrementalism, debate and division. 

I was tempted to play into the debate by answering the secular "conservatives" and the compromisers, but you know what?  We really don't have time for them any more. 

It's time to stop the killing.  And if our pro-life leaders and "conservative" pundits won't help, I say, let's do it without them. 

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