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Questions about Bible study-Church-God-prayer
- Are you absolutely sure that what you have been taught is the clear teaching of scripture?

- Which do you spend more time studying: the Bible, or books others have written about the Bible?  

- When you read something in the Bible you don't understand, is your first reaction to bow your head in prayer and ask God for wisdom and understanding, or to reach for a commentary and/or run to your pastor?

- Have you ever read something in the Bible which you felt clearly contradicted something you had been taught at church?

- Do you believe that some teachings must be right because they are believed by “sincere, intelligent, or Godly men?”

- Have you ever felt that the Bible was too complex for you to learn on your own, and feel you must rely on someone to explain it to you?

- Have you genuinely received what you believe from the Bible, or have you received it from another source, then go to the Bible expecting to find such teachings there?

- Are your beliefs based solely on your own study of the Bible, or on someone else's study of the Bible?

- Have you ever felt inclined to believe something, but were afraid to because it was rejected by your Church, organization, or someone had denounced such a belief as heresy? 

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