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Two Plus Two Equals Five - Trust the pastor

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2 + 2 = 5
The following video exposes the tactic of eliminating truth tellers. 
The “pastor,” “deacon,” or other “church leaders” repeats the false teaching over and over again. 

You call out, you name, ridicule, discipline, threaten, put away anyone who resists the authority/pastor/false teacher.

 DON’T THINK. Don’t understand. 

Repeat after me, “I am dumb.” “The pastor” is the only one who understands. Trust “the pastor.” Do not trust yourself. If you trust yourself, and not “the pastor,” then you must be in rebellion. 
You are “disaffected.” Lies become truth. 

See how it goes?

This video is a good example.


The video is very graphic, violent, and distressing. 
Are we too far away from this? NO! We are already here! 
 Just look around you.

The only people you can believe are the ‘dead’. They gave their all to tell The Truth…perhaps loss of family, reputation, friends, marriage, wealth, strength, health and almost their soul, 
but God has always been proven to be faithful.