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Abusive church leaders code of silence
The Code of Silence in the Assembly
"....The primary mechanism at work in these false systems is what has often been called,

"the code of silence."  This phrase is well known.  It has been the title of movies, and

has been used by lawyers to describe how harassment and abuse is covered up in the

workplace.  Everyone is familiar with the concept.  In spite of our familiarity with "the

code of silence", this code is exactly what needs to be inculcated early on in every

member's mind in order for a leader to carry out his agenda without having to give

account for abuse that might be perpetrated....."

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Code of Silence
               "...For there are indeed many unruly men, empty talkers and  mind-deluders; who overturn whole houses,
                   teaching things which they ought not."   Titus 1:10
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Code of Silence
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