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Church authority | Marriage and the family
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As stated many times on this site, countless marriages and families are in total shambles as a result of the false teachings and practices of the institutional churches around the world.

In an authoritarian, abusive institutional church system, those in “church leadership positions” reveal their true colors over and over again when it comes to human relationships within the family, especially those of a husband and wife.  The Holy Scriptures are twisted and trampled under foot by these spiritual monsters; these wolves in sheep’s clothing; all for the purpose of gaining their own carnal ends.

I have personally known of many families that have been destroyed through the false teachings espoused inside organized/institutional local churches.  So-called “church elders and pastors” inside these man-made institutions have “counseled” many wives and husbands to depart from their spouse because one of them dared to stand up and challenge what was being taught from the pulpit. 

And many wives in particular have succumbed to that evil counsel because they have been falsely indoctrinated to the point that they think “The Pastor” is to be obeyed to the same degree as you obey God Himself!  Many are being taught to place the institution (the church) above their family.  Many are being taught to place the institution (the church) above their own husband and his wishes.

If a husband for example becomes dissatisfied with what is being taught and decides to leave that “local church institution” and attend another, his marriage will now be put in jeopardy by the "reigning overseers." Some wives have been so brainwashed concerning “the local church institution” to the point that they have actually said to their husbands,

“…Until you return to our former church, our marriage in never going to be the sameMy church is first and foremost in my life; not you!"

Can some of you NOW understand the dastardliness; the religious cockamamie; the base and utterly
despicable theological buffoonery that these spiritual monsters shamelessly advance?

Can some of you NOW understand the slavish and servile mentality that is exhibited from "church members" who have imbibed this trash?

Do I really blame these types of women who speak and behave this way?  Not totally.  Remember!  They are victims. They are examples of an out-of-control tyranny inside the institutionalized "Christian" church today whom they have allowed to "reign and rule over them."

There is absolutely no difference whatsoever with what we see happening here, to what we have known of other cults.

Remember Waco, Texas years back?  Remember, where out in that Texas desert, a group of about 100 "Christians" willingly allowed themselves to be turned into a human barbeque, as a demonstration of their loyalty toward their "church" and "pastor," David Koresh?

How about in the jungles of Guyana?  Remember back then, in South America, where more than 900 "American Christians" put their trust, and their faith, and their "submission to their spiritual overseers" into action and partook of the communion of death in obedience to their "church" and "pastor", the Rev. Jim Jones?

What we see happening today might not be as drastic as obedience unto physical death, though I am certain that these cases will and DO occur, concealed no doubt under a great cover-up, but nevertheless, obedience and loyalty TO A MAN-MADE INSTITUTION and obedience and loyalty TO A MAN-MADE SPIRITUAL DICTATORSHIP is definitely occurring as we speak.

And make no mistake about.  This obedience and loyalty IS BRINGING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION to marriages and families all over the world for the exact same reasons by which death and destruction occurred in Waco and Guyana.!

And what are those reasons? "Church members" willingly giving up their minds and their souls at the institutional church doors; allowing themselves to be induced with the godless spiritual narcotic of "institutional church rule," slowly and deliberately being administered by their "church overseers and pastors."

Having now been deprived and numbed to any sense of right or wrong, they mindlessly, without any shame or twinge of conscience, follow and obey everything they are told to do within those institutional walls.

Even if it means destroying your own family "for the higher good," the higher good of course being in conformance to "the wishes of your pastor and his local church."

This is what happens when we follow the ways and the teachings of men.  How many times in the Scriptures have we been warned over, and over, and over again concerning man's ways and traditions; taking heed to what we hear; testing and proving the spirits, etc.  But unfortunately, it is very rare today to see a "Berean".   But then again, wait a minute.  Wouldn't that require thinking; something a lot of Christians that I know haven't practiced in years! 

Instead of the Scriptural order of God, Christ, Man, Woman, “in an institutional local church system,” it has now become God, Christ, pastor/church, man, woman!

Instead of the Scriptural command to wives that they be subject to their own husbands in everything, “in an institutional local church system,” it has now become wives be subject to your own husbands in everything.......domestic!

Instead of the Scriptures telling us that the husband is the head of the wife as Christ also is the head of the Church, “in an institutional local church system,” it has now become “THE ELDERSHIP” being head over BOTH OF THEM……EVEN AS Christ is head of the Church!

And instead of having, What God has joined together, let not man put asunder, “in an institutional local church system,” it has now become “Let the ‘pastor’ put asunder, what God has joined together.” 

It doesn't get much crazier than this.  I am reminded of one radio talk-show host who used to say, “Its sick out there folks, and getting sicker.”   Little did he know that his phrase is even more applicable in the religious/institutional church realm, rather than in the social/political realm!

It’s easy to see that when an unbiblical doctrine like the “local church institution,” coupled with its anti-biblical, man-made “authority structure” is espoused, misery and trouble are only moments away. 

The powers of evil naturally go where there is sin, and then, they only produce more sin. 

The Babylonian/Institutional Church system of today abounds in both sin and evil spirits.

For many of the simple believers who attend these local church institutions, its time to stop casting your pearls before these spiritual PIGS.  The deceivers that occupy these pulpits are smart and they are clever, and they understand human nature.  They know how to deceive and they know how to destroy. 

Until the people's eyes are opened and they finally come to realize and act upon the fact that there is a pompous, manipulative, and deceitful ruling class of “church leaders” who will stop at nothing to advance their destructive, self-serving agendas, they will be doomed to a lifetime of bondage and darkness.

If only the people will have the eyes to see and the courage and bravery to stand up and say NO!

Many need to heed the admonition of the apostle Paul: "Neither give place to the Devil" (Ephesians 4:27).

Ken Cascio

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