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Twelve Established and Proven Marks of Wicked, Diabolical “Church Leaders”
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They possess a licentious lust for power and control over others,
layered thick with deep welling pride.


They are sadistic and truly take pleasure in disciplining,
while cloaking themselves with sorrow and heavy heartedness.


They boast in having some special insight and calling
that makes them superior to others in the church body.


They make deliberate and conscious efforts to disrupt marital relationships
in order to gain their own ends.


They take titles for themselves, even though Jesus specifically warned otherwise.


They sit at the choice seats in the assembly, always up front and center stage.


They slander and scheme and gossip about the brethren behind their backs.


They unashamedly lie to protect their own agendas and institutions, no matter what.


They use their ministries to “make a living” and to become influential.


They commandeer your right to function as a member of Christ’s Body.


They publicly embarrass and threaten people with censure and curses
if they refuse to tithe.

They regularly usurp to themselves the
spotlight and centrality that is meant for Jesus alone.

Whenever you see any or all of these established and proven marks in someone who says that they have been “called and duly-authorized by God into the ministry,” they should be resisted even to the disruption of the body.

It is a blessing to this generation that there are some brethren who are standing against and exposing these spiritual, yet real monsters in Christ’s assembly.  May many more rise up in opposition to this disgraceful display of carnality and papal power by those who "lord it over" His assembly.

Ken Cascio

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(12) Twelve Established and Proven Marks of Wicked, Diabolical “Church Leaders”
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