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When Clergy Prey
“…and from among your own selves will rise up men, speaking perverted things…

 Acts 20:30

The preying of the clergy goes on and on and on and unfortunately, will be here until the end of time.

Some preying clergy may decide to relocate and set up their tent in a different area; some may “retire;” some die.  But the preying goes on.  The ministerial training continues; the Pastor’s conferences continue; the regularly scheduled “theological lectures" continue; the passing down of false, blasphemous teachings at these venues, let alone to the people in the pew, continues on through the use of recorded cassettes, videos, CD’s and DVD’s and various writings.

Yes, the preying clergy continues.

The false scripture, “wives, be subject to your own husbands in everything……domestic,” continues to be taught at regular intervals, especially at Women’s Retreats over and over again.

OBEY them that have the RULE over you and SUBMIT to them” is repeatedly shoved down the throats of church members ad nauseam, totally and blatantly ignoring the fact of quoting from an incorrectly translated verse of scripture!

Marriage partners are subtly and continually being encouraged to spy on each other lest there be found “sin in the camp.”  

Yes, the preying clergy continues on.

And what if a sign of “disaffection” or “questioning” should arise in husband or wife?  What happens when a husband or wife begins to question the pastor’s sermon and/or church policy?

Answer: The preying church, along with the preying clergy intensifies to the next level.  

The following steps are manifested in many preying churches and from those in positions of a “preying leadership” where spiritual abuse rears its ugly head.  These steps show clearly how a local institutional church and its leadership preys upon the sacred marriage institution, embroiling it in a web of deception.

How do you deal with a so-called rebellious, disaffected spouse in the church? 

First, the preying leaders closely work with and ruthlessly persuade the “obedient spouse” to follow their plan of action.

-Special instructions are now given to the "obedient" and "faithful" spouse to report back immediately of any increased "disaffection" arising in their partner. 
-Close monitoring is now implemented. 
-Spies are sent out to listen in to conversations in the church lobby, or auditorium, or church parking lot.  
-Any incoming mail must be screened by the "obedient" spouse.  Going through your spouses trash to locate any papers or notes to “incriminate” them is not uncommon.
-If things aren’t going too well, talk of "separation" is now introduced to deal with and punish the offender.  
But when this doesn't work......when the "unsubmissive" and "unruly" spouse increases in their true understanding of the Scriptures (“rebellion”) and begins to grow more and more in seeing spiritual abuse and unbiblical authoritarianism for what it truly is, then that's the end.  The "preying leaders" cannot and will not put up with this damaging "leaven".  
When all else fails, divorce is now the only option to rid the church of this disease.  

And of course, the “obedient” spouse, being counseled and manipulated all along the way, fully complies to this “sad, sad” decision.

And to top it off, after the separation/divorce, the “obedient and faithful” spouse receives a nice card from the 
“preying church” saying what a great testimony they are to the congregation!

Yes, the preying church and the preying clergy continues to devour the simple-minded.  

The false teachings of the clergy, "standing in a divine office," "clothed with the authority of Christ"; these false, blasphemous teachings continue unabated!

As the marriage institution crumbles before our eyes, the preying clergy continues on at breakneck speed.

We hope and pray that someday, all of them will eventually stop their senseless and destructive preying ways.

But for many, time is running out.  Many have been locked into this evil for a long, long time.  

The words of Jeremiah 13 are so fitting: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?...then may you also do good, that are accustomed to do evil."

I realize that perhaps some in "preying leadership positions" in the church are brainwashed themselves -- that perhaps some do not realize they are nothing less than Satan's emissaries; fashioning themselves as ministers of righteousness.

However, they have made themselves untouchable. They have insulated themselves from the Truth. They cannot and will not be approached and questioned concerning the subject matter at hand. They like the "kingdoms" they have built.

As one man has said, 

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something 
when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." 

To admit they are wrong and change their practices will in many ways destroy the system they have built (along with themselves) because it is built upon nothing less than a house of sand.

May God have mercy upon those who have preyed upon, corrupted, and de-formed His church.

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