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Greetings my dear friends in Christ!

This is a rather lengthy report, so please forebear with me.

You may not hear from me again for awhile, but, I assure you, God is my strength, He is my Glory, in Him I have found safety; and, though I know that I am not without sin and that I am totally unworthy of God's great love and mercy, yet I recognize that I am forgiven by God's merciful work through Christ upon the cross and have been accepted into His Great Family as one of His own dear and precious children. Amen...

The divorce which has been forced upon my wife of 35 years and me by those in the RAG group (specifically, Jeff Grove and Thomas E "Uncle Tom" Collins) in the Joshua, Tx, assembly is about complete.

It has not been and is not now my choice. The divorce and alienation of my family has been forced upon me and upon my family by evil men who would have their way with a man, his wife, and his children and grandchildren in order to promote and protect their own preeminence in lieu of protecting and building up the holy institution of marriage and family life.

Repeated efforts to contact my wife and children have failed. They have taken the vow of silence as advocated by the group leadership and have deliberately shunned me - their husband, their father, and their grandfather - for no other reason than my refusal to abide by the leadership's disciplinary practice of "marking and avoidance" of group members who disagree with them.

The Texas branch of the RAG group seduced my wife into leaving her husband and home on September 27th of 2004. The group hid her from me. Telephone calls to the group leaders (specifically, Jeff Grove, Thomas E. "Uncle Tom" Collins, Doctor Steve Bishop, and others under their control and in their tight little circle of leadership) resulted in their refusing to tell me where she was and that I should leave messages on her cell phone in hopes of a return call.

I left many, many messages for my wife with no return calls. I recently discovered from sympathetic and frightened sources from within the group that the emotional and often intimate appeals, which I left on her voice mail for her ears alone, were played back to "the brethren" so they could provide her with counsel that would cancel my pleas and encourage her from returning to her home and to her distraught husband.

This is the same as rape. It is spiritual rape, a virtual "gang-bang" by so-called Christian men and spiritual leaders. (Please forgive the vulgar description here of their actions and conduct, but it fittingly describes spiritually corrupt desperados as wickedly and licentiously motivated as those whom God destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah.)

I have stopped trying to make contact with my wife and children because I am afraid.

Many times I have been threatened with arrest when I attempted contact. 

Twice I have been detained by police for attempting to make contact -- once when I tried to approach and appeal to several of my sons at their place of business and just recently when I sought to speak with my wife when she left the title company following the sale of our home of 22 years. Both times I was presented to the police as dangerous and a threat.

The first time was by a police officer, a young man about my sons' ages, who refused to arrest me for criminal trespass once he had the full story regarding my circumstances and my reason for approaching my sons. Instead he called the building owner and had him ask me not to come on the premises again for 365 days. The officer said that he could not understand how children could treat their father with such disrespect. I replied that my children were brought up under a covertly coercive religious ministry by men who sanctioned and promoted this disrespect of husbands and fathers who openly disagreed with them. It's how they silenced opposition and maintained control of their "flock" In parting, the officer said, "God bless you, sir. I'll be praying for you and your family." And, shaking his head in disbelief, said, "Something such as this should not even exist. It should be illegal, at least, and prosecutable."

The second time, which was very recent, I delivered signed closing documents to the title company and discovered my wife's car parked out front. I was unable to speak with her inside, so I waited for her out in the parking lot. Minutes later I was surrounded by police who had me get from my car, hold up my hands while they searched me, and threatened to take me to jail. It turned out to be a move to distract my attention long enough for my wife to drive away unseen. Once she was gone, they released me with apologies for the embarrassment and the inconvenience it caused me. They said they had no way of knowing whether I was dangerous or not, only that the person who called reported that "she feared for her safety." Once they had heard the story, they, too, expressed disbelief and wished me "luck" as they left.

I suffered deep depression for days following that last confrontation with the police in my failed attempt to reach my wife. I do not hold my wife accountable for her actions because I know about the intense pressure this group has put on her until she succumbed. They (the leadership) broke my wife, seduced her with her friends, children and grandchildren until she came under their control and believed them that I was mentally ill and dangerous. When she surrendered to them, they removed the pressure and blamed her husband for causing the pressure that broke her. They pretended to give her a "safe heaven" where she could find "peace" from a "divisive, contentious, abusive, and mentally sick man" who had rejected "God's Will" as conveyed through His "divine ministers", Jeff Grove, Thomas E. "Uncle Tom" Collins, Doctor Steve Bishop, and others within their bootlicking circle of control.

I have shared the foregoing details with you so you'll know what I have contended with until now, and so you'll know how to pray for me, my wife, my children, and grandchildren. This is, indeed, a hard and complicated thing for any person to bear, even with the strength and promises of God undergirding him/her. I know I am not alone as there are expressions from many, many others who've suffered as I have this great persecution from Robert A. Grove and other like-minded monsters who deliver their poisonous and blasphemous theology to so many unsuspecting souls, parents, and innocent children.

Yet Mr. RAG is only a drop in a cauldron of religious puke offered as spiritual food to so many hungry, sin-leaden souls. Christ brings us freedom. Anti-Christ brings just the opposite -- slavery and oppression. Mr. RAG and his gang of bootlicking, power-lusting lackeys fit appropriately the description of the latter.

Please do not faint, but forge on in your efforts to expose such people. My prayer is that God will hear and will avenge Himself of these men who have inflicted so much pain and suffering on His dear children and their families.

In time, justice shall prevail if we faint not. God's Word teaches this. I sincerely believe this truth.

Still a soldier for the Lord, 

Richard Hudson                                 

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