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What Would Satan Do?
Satan's Pastoral Workshop:

"My ministers, my fellow soldiers, even those who fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness, and unto thy church, thy building in which is my dwelling place, greetings.

Ministers of righteousness, occupiers of thy Sacred Office, being endowed with Ministerial Dignity, it has come to my attention that thy churches are becoming more  and more commonplace.  These things ought not be.  Bringest thou to thy people form and organization.  

Yea, hath God said, Let all things be done decently and in order?  Create thou liturgy's and creeds.  Establish thou worship services and callest thou thy churches, houses of worship.  Thou shalt receive praise and honor and hear from thy people, Peace, Peace.  Thou shalt know that I am pleased when I will bring my favor upon you. 

Exalt thyself above thy brethren as the duly-authorized clergy and call them, my people and my sheep.  Be ye called Reverend, Doctor, Pastor or even The Minister.  Let thy garments also be such as set thee apart from other men.  Wear soft raiment.  For some, reverse thy collar.  Commission thyselves as a board, sanctioned by Me, calling it, the eldership.  I have counted thee faithful and have appointing thee to this awesome responsibility. 

Claim thou special anointing's; Havest thou ordination and installation services (for how else are thy men to be endowed with power from on high).  Thou believest that thou art special and entitled to be set apart unto gospel privileges?  We believest thou also and rejoice.

Take charge of thy churches over which thou hast made thyself overseers and rule over them as a commander over his people.  Be thou their authority in all things.  Forbid them to worship or teach except at thy direction.  Be thou their pastor, their administrator, their all-in-all.

Study the books of men that thou might be well equipped to my plain commands and to the satisfaction of those itching ears.  Never, no never, be drawn into debate, especially with those of the baser sort who insist on adhering to the bible as authority.  Contend that it is wrong to question the pastor; Exert thine authority and silence all those who put forth the bible to prove thee wrong. 

Exalt thyself; thy Sacred Office; and thy Ministerial Dignity in the sight of all the people.  It is thy power to demand this respect for it is rightfully thine; for havest thou not earned it with thy qualifications, thine ordination, and thy money?

Reason within thyself, For am I not a man of god whose advice and judgments should be followed without question?  Is it not in thy power to bring down and to lift up and to be feared?  For are not thou a just and righteous leader, chosen and called of god?

Be pleased with thyself and god will be pleased with thee.

Give attention to oratory and proper enunciation.  Appeal to thyself as authority in all thy teaching.  Never let thy people see thee in a context other than thy Pastoral Dignity.  

Thy wife and thy children must address thee in public as pastor.  This would serve to communicate reverence and respect for thy position and uphold the dignity of thine office.   

May the upholding of thy image be foremost; as the frontlet's of thine eyes. 

When thou dost ascend the platform, remember; thou art the voice of god.  Sound like it!  Havest thou the lights all focused on thyself.  Arrange thy people with their eyes all focused on thyself as well.  Remember the words of thy savior:  ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, how you look is what really matters.'  Create thou a good impression before those who payeth their tithes in great measure. 

Remind thy people often of thy calling as being one of laboring night and day, by the sweat of thy brow.  Devote thy sacred hours focused on thy authority and remind thy people often of it as well.  Always magnify thy Sacred Office over thy people. Bear thyself as one with Ministerial Dignity.  Elevate thy standing before thy people with propriety and poise.  Faithful is the saying, “Because I’m the pastor; that’s why!”

Boast thyself before others.  Seek to please all those who please thee. 

Be continually turning the ears of the people unto thyself and to thy Sacred Office.  Spend thy days and nights planning ways to forward thyself; ways to promote thy holy sanctuary; ways to promote and advance thy Ministerial Dignity. 
Remind thou thy people in the midst of thee: Hast not God said, I havest the rule over you? 

Above all, involvest thyself in all aspects of thy peoples lives, for unto these things I have called thee. 

As thou art lead, cast doubt in the minds of thy members who might be brooding over leaving thy church and joining another.  Question the purity of their motives.  

Publicly slander them before thy church, that others will fear.  Declare that this is necessary and that the glory of god is at stake.  Show that these of the baser sort were never truly converted.  Their past sins that were confessed in thy inner chambers, reveal to thy followship. Teach that this is thy duty that thy god has called thee to do.  

Persuade thy people, using thy Divine Office, of the rightness of these actions.  Appear to be pious and refined at all times in so doing.  Let thy speech be as sweet honey dripping from thy lips.  In this way, men will think thee too lovely to be wrong.  

If any should expose thee as a false teacher, strike back with venom in thy tongue or if it is more fitting, work secretly to destroy their influence by destroying their marriage.  Don't allow your teaching to be put to test before men.  And god will be pleased with thee for destroying a marriage and family in his name and for the sake of thy position and thy great esteem as a leader in his church.

Thine unfettered and strong counsels of separations amongst husband and wives and thy destroying of such for the sake of thy truth and dignified office, will give many much gratification in thy ways, because the hearts of thy fellow soldiers will be refreshed through thee and thy ways, brethren  This will be made effectual in the knowledge of every good thing which is in you.
Having confidence in thine obedience, I am ministering at this workshop knowing that thou wilt do even beyond what I say. 

Look upon thy work and be pleased when punishments are handed out to thy satisfaction.  For have you not the right to sabotage the efforts of rebellious sheep?  Let a man suffer unjustly to escape persecution thyself.

It is thy duty to bring the judgment of god down upon a rebellious sheepfold, for they must pay every whit for the presumptuous sins of questioning thy authority until they fully repent and assume their proper duty as followers.

Hurl thy fiery darts which have been supplied to thee in thy ministerial arsenal.  Stun thy people into an unholy submission by claiming their consciences to be under the authority of thy preaching.  Thou must silence unreasonable malcontents. 

Beatest thou thy sheep into subjection with thy duly authorized office of eldership and sendest thou them home bleeding and wounded.  So shalt thou have praise from on high.

For when men reason, it means men are thinking and thou must not have thinking in thy midst.  It is not safe for those who rule and for the sheep to hear.  Should we not all say and do the same thing?

Teach thy people not to question, so thy sheep will fear and not act presumptuously.  For it must be so if thou art to control and to gettest honor to thyself.  Should the pearl of the gospel  be scattered on the ground and trodden in the mud by swine? 

Create thou dumb sheep.  Teachest thou thy people what to think.  Condemn, ridicule, rid thy holy institution of those who have an independent spirit.  Thou must label or use character assassination on those who refuse to abide in thy teaching.

Execute thy duties of thy ministry without care and without responsibility for judgments.  Always hidest thou beneath a cloak of misinformation for the love of thy Divine Office and the power of  thy Ministerial position.   And above all, esteemest thou leadership more than god’s compassion for his sheep.  Do this and live.  Do this and thou shalt exalt thyself and be rewarded as a good and faithful servant.

Makest thou many visitations among thy sheep, especially with those certain vile sheep of the rabble. Sip tea from house to house and take captive those silly sisters.  Whisper in their ears and remind them of thy Ministerial Dignity and thine authority derived from men.  

Watch thy manners and words though, particularly with those whose husbands are known in the gates; who are known for their rebellion and spiritual knowledge.  Perhaps they might have taught their wives well in regards to “who is truly in authority.”  

If perhaps thou mightest have been ensnared, roar like a lion; Hurl thy weapons that I have provided thee; cast thy flaming arrows and silence thine enemies who possess a berean spirit.  Manifest thy craftiness and bring to naught those who display a proud and arrogant demeanor of testing the spirits; of those who seek to prove all things; of those who are taking heed to what is being said from thy lips. 

Steadfastly control the flow of information within thy ranks and use shaming to gain thy compliance of the followers;  

Keep only thy creed before thy peoples minds, calling all attempts by those who would stray away from thy policies, a disease of the mind in need of mortification;  

Thou shalt use guilt and shame as tools of control; Encourage thy sheep to spy and report on each other, lest sin be found in thy midst;  

Keep thy preaching harsh and full of condemnation; Keep the sheep of thy pasture wounded and off balance by thy haranguing and condemning from thy pulpit; 

Preach the word: “Listen to YOUR elders; obey YOUR elders; submit to YOUR elders; esteem YOUR elders; honor YOUR elders; support YOUR elders" are to be preached over and over again.  Let no man despise thee.

I charge thee to seek thine own good in all things.  Preach where thy salary is good.  Insist that men pay the tithe unto thee and threaten them if they fail.  Bind thou the consciences of thy sheep to care for their pastors at all costs. 

Demand being present at all of thy performances, again, binding the consciences unto thy dripping words.   In doing all this, thou shalt grow strong and confident in thyself . Thou shalt hear the adulation's of men and thou shalt be satisfied. 

When thou hast gotten all thou can from one flock, withdraw and remove thyself on to another.  In all thy getting, MAGNIFY THY OFFICE.  

Remember my dear ministers of righteousness, you are the great shepherds of your sheep.  Rule over your sheep.  Gather in your flock and instruct them of their position and of your authority and rulership.  Feed them with the food of your own pasture and upon your own mountains.  Take care of yourself; drink the milk; wear clothes from the wool; malign and eat the finest sheep.  

I will therefore scatter my ministers among the nations and disperse them throughout the churches.  Cause thy hearts to endure and makest thou strong thy hands in the days that I shalt bless thee.

Give diligence to guard that which I have committed to you.  

If any obey not my teaching at this workshop, note that man and have nothing to do with him; marking him, shaming him, shunning him, destroying him."

And Satan looked upon all of his ministers in attendance, and it was very good.

And all of the followship said, "Amen and amen!"

Ken Cascio                                     

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We've all seen Satan's work throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis in the Garden of Eden, to his many appearances in the Book of Revelation, and everywhere else in between.  His ranting, his fomenting, his oppressing is clearly seen.  Is today any different?   What would Satan do?  What IS he doing?  

Today, Satan has his ministers who fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness scattered across the globe.  They are found in local institutional churches, seminaries, pastoral conferences and workshops, etc.  And really, that should be of no marvel, for even Satan fashions himself into an angel of light.  And so its really no great thing therefore if his ministers do the same!  

Such men as these are not pastors; they are not elders (in the true Biblical sense of the word); they are not church leaders.  They are deceitful workers, men who have crept in unawares, creatures without reason.  They are men who are hidden rocks in your love-feasts when they feast with you, shepherds that without fear feed themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn leaves without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots.  

They are men who murmur and complain, walking after their lusts and with their mouths speak great swelling words.  They are men who through the hypocrisy that is in them, speak lies, branded in their own consciences as with a hot iron; men who are lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, and swollen with pride, men who hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power. 

These are Satan's ministers of today; men who continually hinder the truth and who have become vain in their reasoning's, so much so that their senseless heart's have been darkened. 

Oh yes, they profess themselves to be the Lord's Anointed, full of wisdom, but in reality, they are fools who have changed the glory of the incorruptible God for the likeness of an image of corruptible man.

This is what Satan has done.  But God knows what is happening.  He is not silent.  God has given up these men to the lusts of their hearts as they exchange the truth of God for a lie, and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator.  God has given them up unto a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting.  God has given them up to wickedness and covetousness,  to deceit and malignity.

God has given up these men to ruling, to power, to authority, to money, to abusing and misusing others.  These ministers of righteousness, who knowing what the Scriptures REALLY teach on these matters, not only continue to do these shameful things, but also applaud and encourage their fellow ministers to do the same.
Jude 1;1 Tim. 4; 2 Tim. 3; 2 Cor. 11; Rom. 1.

This is what Satan does.  We should always be on our guard concerning Satan and his activities.  He and his ministers will regularly be roaming about, looking for another unsuspecting simpleton to devour.

Frequently, Satan himself will take the stage, particularly at seminars and conferences for pastors where the themes are usually The Law, Integrity, Authority, Power, Control, Ruling, Oversight, and Subordination, issues that are close to his heart.  He personally gets involved at these gatherings, promoting and advancing his thoughts, his style, his cause to bringing the truth to his budding servants.

What would Satan do?  The following is an example of what he would do at one such gathering, a Pastoral Workshop at which you will always find the issues of "The Law," "Ruling in the Church," and "Pastoral Dignity" high on the list.

Follow closely this workshop and you will see how effective and strikingly similar are its fruits in many of his ministers congregations.  To the discerning ear and eye, you will notice that his teachings harmonize exactly, perhaps in your own assembly as well. 
What Would Satan Do

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