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Marriage and the family vs. the local church
God oftentimes uses many signs and illustrations in the Scriptures in driving home a point on an issue that He wants to emphasize.  One such use is His relationship to the nation of Israel.  God uses this as an allegory to show His love and mercy for his unfaithful wife, Israel.

There are a few examples of this particular allegory.  One example of God's unconditional love is in the Old Testament book of Hosea.  

Hosea was one of the minor prophets, sent by God to preach to Israel.  Hosea married Gomer, and they had numerous children.  Gomer, being allured and seduced, turned to others gods.  She then turns her back on her husband and  abandons Hosea to go live in the sin of whoredom and adultery.  Hosea was devastated, for he loved Gomer; but she was a whore.  

At the end of the book of Hosea, after Gomer had lived a life of sin, Hosea finds her being sold at a slave market.  Hosea buys Gomer back, thus expressing his unconditional love and forgiveness.

This whole incident is a reminder of the evil dichotomy currently existing between “church rulers” and the God-instituted rule in the family.  How? 

It’s a sad story but nevertheless, all too true….and even perhaps going on right now as we speak in many marriages. 

How can a faithful spouse (wife) turn into an unfaithful spouse (wife)?

"....But sadly, she became an unfaithful wife...slowly being  beguiled by the church and its leaders, she began to forsake her husband in her heart.....She was ever so lured by their seductive charm; their incessant and never ending call to sit under THEIR teaching and to submit to THEIR headship and to listen to and follow THEIR counsel;

...Through the passing of time, many of her "friends" entered into the scene and now, along with  the "elders",  encouraged her more and more in the departure from her husband and from the Truth...."

...She in turn was fully and finally seduced by the church and its leaders; seduced by her "friends" and she now became an adulteress, prostituting herself with the "eldership"

...She began to completely forsake her husband and trampled on the marriage covenant by constantly being in rebellion to his direction and leadership.  She now no longer saw her husband as her God-given head but had replaced him, not in heart only but in actuality, with her new lover and head, her church leaders. 

...She had become indeed a whore; whoring after the “eldership”.  She had committed great whoredom, departing from the Lord and his Word; she has sought out and found other counselors and made them her idols; for the evil spirit of whoredom's has made her to err as they seek out more whores to commandeer and control.”  

In spite of this, her husband was patient with her; suffering in silence; enduring her cruel mocking's and slander; laying down his life daily for her; and gave her numerous opportunities to repent and return to him, her true husband and lover.”

.....Though the story doesn't end there.....he has not given up on his unfaithful wife.......

...By the mercy of the Lord, he at last, rescued her from their poisonous fangs, and she returned to him and truly submitted to him and to his God-given headship in everything.

...She lived with him once again, as he lovingly soothed her wounds that she encountered from her abusers........anointing them with oil......she was eventually brought back to her senses;

...She was faithful to him; and gradually her heart was won over by his love and mercy, to truly become his wife; and this was now her care all the days of her life; never to desert him again."

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