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► Dear Ken,

There are no words to describe how GRATEFUL I am to GOD for giving you the courage and the fortitude to put together this website and share the TRUTHS that have been hidden from the Body of Christ for SO LONG.

My husband and I have been victims of spiritual abuse, financial abuse, leadership abuse, etc. You name it, and it happened to us. Fortunately for us, we are both truly saved and filled with the Spirit of God, and by His grace, He opened up our eyes and led us out of the "apostolic jonestown" we found ourselves in for 13 years. Since that time, God has placed us on a journey of truth.............

The article on the Distorted and Deformed Church is OUTSTANDING AND AMAZING!!! I read every word and intend to read it at least 2 more times. It has finally answered all of questions that we had, but could not quite put our fingers on the answers. This article answers those questions EMPHATICALLY!...............I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Continue to be bold in God. Be encouraged. 

Blessings & Prayers,

► Brother, I'm drinking it all in. This has been my passion for a long time. Thankfully, I am an outcast among "churches". So be it. I'm just devouring your labors of love and I am so grateful for all the assistance you have so freely given. Thank you. 
Folks today are without excuse. What is available to you and to me, is available to them also, if they would take the time to check it out. But the "church" feeds the flesh, and nothing more. Small wonder it is totally "powerless" and must resort to gimmickry in order to keep a crowd.  PROFIT and GREED is the driving force and it is an abomination to ELOHIM.  I am so blessed to make your acquaintance and I'll be praying and giving thanks for you, brother. You can be sure of that. 

► I need you to know how the Father has used your site in my life. 

For a very long time I have felt I was the only one, and as The Spirit is perfect and guides us, He revealed to me through scripture, then immediately through your site, that I am not the only one who sees the Truth of what is in this world, what truly is here and how absolutely blind everyone seems to be to it all. I have known all these truths for quite some time, yet I heard it nowhere else, which left me wondering if I was just arrogant or foolish.

I don't know if you want to be labeled this however, the Truth is this, you are prophets. It wasn't until I became one with the Father and stepped away from what I had been shown by "good Christians" and by the evil in man and a particular sociopath for over 18 years, that I could truly hear His still small voice which has now become all I hear. 

The absolute truth of what man is capable of while using the Word of God to destroy is astounding, and I have seen and been the recipient to much of it.

I can not express enough how important what you have here has been for my understanding about who Jesus really is and that all I have known for all this time is true and real and others know Him as I do.  

Without The Father I would not be alive; I would not want to live; and I can't imagine how hard it is to be without Him. The Father has blessed me and my children beyond measure and His wonders never cease!

May your hearts always stay true to Him!
Thank you for your time

► Dear brethren in Christ,

I came across your website and I must say that it means a lot to me.  From church after church, it did not take long to realize that we were not welcome asking any questions...Anyway, thank you again for your site.  May more and more brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world come to that truth that will really set them free.  Just exchanging bondage's doesn't do the job.
With kind regards from Germany,

► I have been reading your site for the last few days. Thank you for putting this resource together. I have witnessed so much of what I see on your site.  We must educate people.

Most of us do not know what a true shepherd or elder would be like because we have never met a REAL one that is part of the kingdom.


►I  like your site and I appreciate what you are trying to do.  I wish I found this site 12 years ago.


►  …You all need to be thanked for this website!!!!!!!!  It takes bravery and a heart for those who have been hurt. Thank you for taking the time to build the site.  I found your site through several links; it started from XXXX XXXXX, and I kept linking to other interesting links.  I'm going to share with other friends in which are still wandering and hurt after 20 years and my heart has always been to try and show them it was a man, not God. They have been made fun of and there lives have been in shambles.

Thank you is not enough to see someone put this together ... Relief!!!  …… I will write more but I needed again to say thank you for this site.

► Recently in my prayers to the Lord, He opened my eyes to the controlling factors of the ministry I was serving in under a "mind controller".  I really needed some insight that was consistent to what I was perceiving in my heart.  I googled, "signs of control in the church".  Your link was the first.  

I have to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! The "Mind Control: Six Tell-Tale Signs of Abusive Church Leaders" was more than right on time. I am so grateful for the post.  It affirmed a lot of things I was experiencing and witnessing.  EVERY DESCRIPTION on the list could be applied to my situation.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! God is real and I feel grateful that I was set free from the bondage of that situation.  I feel sad for those still there and praying for them to see.  I wish I could express everything I feel.  I tried to bring it together because of the gratitude I felt after reading your website.   Sincerely, J.J.

► I had a friend tell me that your site was dangerous, but he could not tell me one single area where you are wrong but that you are questioning the "inspired" KJV. I really want to thank you for your site and I love all the articles. 


I really enjoy your web site.  I have often thought of starting my own site but yours pretty much says everything I wished to say.  I have linked it on Facebook for others to read and E-mailed a link to people I know and have received some interesting replies (both good and bad).  At the very least, people are having to think for themselves and I believe they are hearing from the Spirit of Truth.

I came to a lot of the same conclusions as you on my own.  However, while doing it, I thought I was crazy because I knew of nobody else that thought as I did.  My family thought I was bonkers.  I was even called a false prophet, cult starter, rebel, trouble maker, etc., by family and friends.  I had a close friend who is a "pastor" in a local Baptist church who claimed I had a problem with authority, despite evidence throughout all my life that I never had such a problem.  The excitement I had from discovering truth did not rub off on anyone else.  As a matter of fact, it appeared to me that hardly anyone else really cared if they were doing things wrong or not.  They just wanted to enjoy church and keep doing what they were doing.  Nevertheless, through all of this, I have discovered what my God is all about.  Even though I lost lots of friends and have been mocked by family members, I am at peace.  I am still excited about discovering truth.  Most of all, I am thankful that I was given another chance by our true Shepherd.  I know him as well as I ever have and continue to get closer and closer to him day by day.  The freedom from knowing the truth is awesome.  The freedom of the Messiah is awesome.  The guilt I always felt for not measuring up by church standards is gone.  Even though I mess up at times I know I am forgiven and receive grace.  And the joy of teaching my wife and children about this is great.  Anyway, before I ramble on any longer, I just wanted to encourage you in your bid to proclaim the truth.  I will pray for you and will continue to guide others to your site.  Thank you very much!

Your brother in the Messiah,


► I came across your website and found so many things that I could relate to regarding a church that I was once a member. I have, and am still reading all the articles on your website including "OBEY THEM" which I have printed out. Your website is a mine of information and I am so pleased that I found it and that there are others of like mind. I don't feel so alone knowing that it is not just me that has had bad experiences within a corrupt authoritarian and dominating church.  May God continue to help you expose the error within churches today and give you further insight and discernment.

►Hi Ken,

I cannot thank you enough for running the website  I cannot find a single article in the website that contradicts the Bible.  These so-call Pastors are the real enemies of Christianity and they are the modern day Nicolatians.

You are 100% right in describing the modern day church as the synagogue of Satan.  Thank you!  Keep up the good work and please do not discontinue what you are doing until Jesus comes.


► Hi, 

I just finished your survey about spiritual abuse and was shocked!  You just described my church to the letter!  My husband and our three children have been attending for over 20 years.  My heart grieves over this, but I know The Lord has led me to your web page.  My husband and I know we must leave….


► Hi Ken,

The Lord graciously led us out of an abusive fellowship.  And now after all these years friends of ours are coming out too.
That was a real "meat grinder" we went through.  I don't know how long this web site has been up. But you are right on target here. 
I tried to have it all exposed through other ministries but to no avail. 

George Will

► Hi Ken,

Just came across your site; reading them makes many things come so clear. Going through IT ALL with my extended family and wife. We were members of RBC, left there as I sensed the Lord leading to a small and struggling un-affiliated Reformed Baptist church in town. I did this in good faith and with open conscience.  WOW, the backlash is unbelievable.  Indeed they have put the Word of God in no respect, and practice: The Pastors can split what God has joined. 

►Dear Ken,

Thank you for your web site.  Spiritual abuse within churches is rampant, and I've seen many cases like what you’ve described;
of a pastor insinuating himself between a husband and wife and destroying the marriage.  God is certainly not pleased with that at all. 
May the Lord continue to help us all in exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing.



THANK YOU....THANK YOU so much for this site. I wish I had known about it when I was still in my abusive church.  I am a regular contributor on a Spiritual Abuse Forum and discuss the very things you write about on your site.  Thank you so much for all the info.  I sure wish I had all that AMMO to use when I was confronted by the two jerk ministers that confronted me.  One of them was responsible for my divorce.  



I read with interest the items on your website.  I am particularly interested that you are familiar with the Reformed Baptists.  We (my husband and children and I) left a Reformed Baptist church a year ago, after 5 years.  Prior to that we had been at a different Reformed church for 18 years.  I had never really understood or experienced spiritual abuse til the Reformed Baptist Church.  Now whenever I read people's stories of abuse in the church, I understand exactly what they're talking about.    
Thanks again for your site and for mentioning names.  This is helpful and hopeful to people like me.  Someday I hope to be able to tell my story.  I have tried to put it into words but they fail me.  Probably in the future, after more healing, the words will come.

Thanks for your help,


Someone gave us the link to your site.  Thank you for your courage and clear stand for those who have been abused.  It has actually given us the courage to keep going.  People need to be warned, and there are hundreds of witnesses to the abhorrent breaking down of marriages by the elders of the church.  
So, thank you for your fabulous website.  It is big and bold and tells it like it is!!!!


►Hi Ken,

I'm shocked at the type of abuse you describe.  Do those churches you describe believe in the Bible?  Such counsel to break up marriages is incredible in light of Scripture.  Unbelievable.  There's so many messed up, spiritually abusive situations out there.  It saddens me to realize that my denomination isn't the only dark spot.  Yet Christ has promised to build His church, so that the gates of hell can't prevail against it.  Even in the face of abuse, it's good to remember this promise.


Dear Ken,

I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you for your article "A Word to the Wives"!!

I was raised in a church where this was taught to me from birth. I left that church about a year and a half ago, and have not been able to attend another church because whenever I try to attend a church all the principles like this one, and many others that were forced into my head my entire life, continually come back up in my mind.

Sadly, the events you describe in the article are the exact same things that are happening in my family now........

Thanks again, and keep putting out information like this! It's a great encouragement to those of us who have come out of such environments.


I came across your website today. Thank you for the inspiration!.... After reading most of the information on your website I am so much more convicted of the rightness of my beliefs…. May you continue faithfully dispensing the word of God aright.

Be blessed, in His name,


I appreciate your articles posted.  The latest reading “The Christian Church:Distorted and Deformed” – excellent!
Thank you again for your labors of love to the Body of Christ.  Your writers are very good!

Sincerely in His Love and Service,

►What a terrific expose' of institutional Christianity.  I am printing copies and giving them out. So timely a message. Thank you!


►Hello Ken, 

I am thankful for your site!  I truly believe that the Lord used your site to help me break free from the grasp that XXXXXXX was beginning to have on me… I sent a prayer up to our most gracious Lord; I prayed, Lord, help me to know what is right here.  Something just isn't right.  If there's something you need me to know, please guide me to it.  I thought to do a search for the name of the church and even for its' charismatic leader.  Within seconds, I was at your website.  My jaw hit the floor with what I read!  Finally, I had found validation. I knew the Lord had answered my prayer!   Thanks!

►Dear Brother Ken,

We were led, by the Lord (we believe), to your web site several weeks ago and have been grazing there ever since.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.  We first read your book “The Christian Church: Distorted and Deformed” which we whole heartedly concur with.   May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these perilous times in which we find ourselves living.
In His Love, J & A

►Thank you for this website.  It has confirmed what we saw in our former church and helped us to see that what was unbelieveable is actually happening.  Your articles have helped us to realize we're not making this up as no one could possibly imagine this could happen in a body of believers.  Thanks for all your providing.   

►Hi Ken,

Thanks for the very informative website. Great stuff! I came out of an authoritarian church whose leadership twisted the Word of God. Been free for ten years now and it's wonderful!  I believe much the same about the "organized church" as you represent in your website and have talked with many over the years about the very things you discuss in your articles...We are in agreement in a great many areas, without having even met each other or spoken face-to-face. We have done the same scriptural studies and come to much the same conclusions.... I'll be spending more time at your website, and will feel free to point other seeking Christians to its articles.

Thanks again, my friend.

► Thanks Ken for creating a website about the truth. The Spirit of Truth led me to your website during a time of seeking God on some things He already had shown me.  I pray that many will come across your site.  I'm very passionate about finding out the truth about things, and your website has changed my life.  God bless you all!!!   MH

► I tell you the truth, the most wicked people I have met are "pastors."  The good ones don't,… won't,… or will not….. tolerate being called by this name or even being paid.  Our Christian church has been decimated, split and perverted by the most evil people and their man-made authority.  What is said in your testimony page is true.  Your site is accurate in every way.
Thanks for your site.  It has been a Godsend for me in a time I needed help.

► You have no idea how helpful it was for me to stumble across your website and to know I am not alone.  I live deep in Churchland, USA where there is nearly a church on every block (in many cases even more than one).  So I do face persecution at times from others because I do not attend man's church.  I will be praying for your website and that the Holy Spirit will use it to remove the blindness put forth over believer's eyes by the institutionalized church.  God is using you in a mighty way and I pray that He will grant you favor and bless you!  Thank you so much again!

► To my Dear and Beloved Brother in the Lord -  Ken,

This is not just butter to ease you into a “lulled” emotional state (like, that’s even possible) – but a genuine heart-felt sense I have for your STAND on the Wall of TRUTH; shouting out to the self-deceived masses, hoping they will grow ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to believe the TRUTH; and to edify those who are like-minded in the same doctrine of the Lord…..I can give a hearty AMEN to what I have read so far.....The abortion section is very disturbing, yet it is needed….Jeremiah was sent to an unbelieving people who would ridicule him and try to kill him – but he went anyway.  Many men of God were sent out among the wolves and God protected them – even in their death.  WickedShepherds is the only site that I have come across (and I have been searching on the web for years) that comes close to what I could call “like-minded” in the things of the Lord from a biblical perspective without a self-motivated agenda.

Continue in this work that God has called you to with joy and faith.

Your Brother in Christ,

► Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so very much!!  I have gone through so much rejection because of the stand I take against the religious system.  Your words are so refreshing, confirming and encouraging.

God bless,

► Hi there, brother Ken!

I've been periodically studying the subjects you cover in your website.  I want to personally thank you in Jesus' name for the time and labor you have invested in your service to the Body of Christ, brother.  May He bless you with riches which are beyond the pale of carnal men.  Sometimes you almost begin to think that there is something wrong with you, and would like to take a break from this swimming against the current, but the Holy Spirit brings encouragement just at the right time. That has been the case with discovering your website. In the King's service, F.

► Hello, I want to thank you for your website.  I have been sharing your links hoping that people will begin to see the Truth.  I have been sharing them also via youtube, free of charge, unaltered, and giving credit to the writer....and trying to direct people to your website. 
I want to thank you again for your bravery in speaking things that matter. 

► Hello I am overwhelmed with so much right now.   I have been reading your website and Wow! It is an amazing blessing researching what you have written and receiving revelation on how things have become verses where we started.   It’s difficult for me now because for so many years I sat under harsh rule under an authoritarian pastor…..And for years that's the life I led, believing it was what the Lord required for me to be saved.  I'm so blessed to learn better some of the things you write about; things that my husband would say to me years ago…I did not really understand then, but I do now.  I want to say thank you for sounding the alarm. I appreciate your web site so much and please continue to do what you are doing and the Lord Bless immensely.

► Thank you for this. I was feeling very sorry for myself this morning talking to the Lord about being alone but the article on Looking for a pastor was very encouraging.  As Paul said "consider what I say and the LORD will give you understanding." God Bless and thank you brother.

► Hello, This site was shared with me.  I have just read 4 articles, including the one on Wives being careful not to listen to pastors over their husbands.  They were all biblical.  So many people are afraid to tell their stories….Pastor XXXXX seems to have the ability to strike fear in all men, even the pastors who leave the church.  No one will speak against what is going on publicly. 
Anyway, thank you again and God bless your reaching out to folks like us.  We are kind of like lepers in the church.  Untouchable to any, but Jesus.

► My wife and I are committed to never ever darken the doors of any church ever again unless it's for a wedding or something like that.  It was your website that opened my eyes about church being not Biblical and we were right in the middle of a situation in a church here in PA at the time. The imposter tried to commandeer my mind as to what I should believe and he was denying the Scriptures that were right in front of him. He was doing it in my house and I did actually end up throwing him out. I had to threaten to call the cops because he didn't want to leave. Of course we were done with his "church" and we were worried about where we were going to "find another church".  Then your website popped up & I was stunned.. in a good sense. I was praising God for such great Freedom!!! My hope is that what you're doing will go a long way to rescuing folks from destroyed lives and maybe even causing some of these Pharisaical idiots to repent.  So... keep on keeping on Ken.

► Just sending you a word of encouragement from a small group of believers in Manchester UK. We have seen the light and come out of the abusive system to walk with God under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Keep up the good work.

PC and others

► Dear brother Ken
I am overwhelmed with deep gratefulness for this site.  So many questions are being answered……………I am very excited by the fact that you stay on the scriptures and are immovable. The church has become a motivational circus where people go to hear the eloquence of the pastors while failing to search the scriptures for themselves, like the Bereans, as you would normally refer......We have allowed these people to twist the scriptures so they can Lord it over us, and then say, “Touch not the anointed one.”  They use that to scare us and its working…………I am delivered every time I read through this site…………….I am praying for you and I know that the truth always prevails………….

This was just to say thank you. 
South Africa 

► Hi Ken,

My husband and I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into your website.  We have read several articles and are still reading.  We have belonged to a group………….for 9 years.  It started out as just a bible study group……………But, it has slowly evolved to an organized group with elders who do all the teaching.  And now, if you disagree, you are wrong and you are suppose to humble yourself enough to bow to the Holy Spirit in the elders and submit to them and agree with what they teach………………..And if you don't agree, then be quiet or else leave.  And if you do leave or if you are removed, they say you have left Christ.

We have watched the change in the last four years.  We have seen people being kicked out and everyone told to shun them.   It has caused us to be so grieved in our spirits to see these things happening.  Reading your site has confirmed what we have already found in the scriptures.  It gives us a little more confidence that others are seeing the same things that we are reading in the word………………

Thanks again

► Hello webmaster in the name of our precious Lord!

…Thank you for your kind response to me….. I choose to believe it was a way the Holy Spirit led me to write and at the same time thank you for probably one of the greatest means of providing sooooooo much truth for one who no longer has "itching ears."  May the Lord continue to bless you in the work you do for the Kingdom of God and His glory!!

► First of all, I would like to thank you for the amazing work you have done and you are still doing. You are without a shred of doubt making a difference and changing lives for the better.  Brother, may the Lord bless you, protect you, and open the eyes of the sheep that was led astray by people "who have a form of godliness", but "they are raving wolves in sheep clothing"....I was led to your site by a Good Samaritan who herself made some videos about spiritual abuse and attached your website in there.  As I wanted to know more, I was led to your website, and wow, I am lost for words.  You absolutely nailed it.  Never give up!  God's blessings to you all!

► I really love your website. It is really blessing my soul in this season of my life. I'm speechless. I appreciate every article and scripture reference. I will share my testimony when the time is right. Thanks again!

► Everything you have written about the church is full of God's truth. I applaud you and I pray to the Father that you will increase in knowledge and that He blesses you and protects you from the evil one.

► Thank you so much for making your website.  I have been strengthened and encouraged by reading some of the articles tonight and I feel as though God is speaking directly to my heart and my situation through your words.  For about a year, God has been pulling me out of deception and teaching me His Truth.  I was brought up in religion by narcissistic parents/pastors.  I have seen the worst and have come to know that God my Father is nothing like the twisted examples I have had.  I have been in the wilderness, lonely, misunderstood and persecuted my whole life.  I have been hurt and betrayed, disappointed and shocked by various churches.  I understand God's righteous anger towards greedy modern day Pharisees and Wicked Shepherds…..By His grace, I am learning to not depend on church corporations for ANYTHING (doing so only incurs further abuse) but to depend upon and trust God fully for everything.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

► Hello......just wanted to tell you GOOD JOB! Glad that someone else out there knows the power of the wolves and deception, especially their ability to destroy a marriage with mind control.

►  Hi there.  I stumbled upon your website and have spent some time reading through the pages.  I have felt this way for years about the "church," and have endured much spiritual abuse for questioning the "authorities."  Thanks for the boldness of your website.  It really lifted my depressed, churched spirit. 

► Hi Ken,

I first stumbled across your website through someone else who has a blog/website.  I must say that discovering your website was one of the best realizations in my walk with Christ.

Initially, the claims presented in such articles like The Christian Church Distorted and Deformed appeared very strange. Though I always felt that something was amiss with the local church system but, I could hardly tell what it was.  I read many articles on the website and they really disorganized my conditioned religious thinking.  The good thing is that I had been a Bible reader myself since I think 2011 and so I could find that the claims though strange, were in line with Scriptures that hardly got into Sunday sermons. 

Then the time finally arrived to quit “going to church” and we have surely not become less Christians.  We have even become more effective in good works and fellowship as we trust the Holy Spirit daily for guidance without the guardianship of a self-appointed score-keeper.  We have more family time, 24/7 fellowship, and freedom in Christ.  And the journey continues.

Your work and that of other contributors at is of great value. It has been an encouragement along my journey with Christ. Sometimes we have read some articles aloud with my wife while searching to find out if the insights are Scriptural and it has worked wonders. Our pastors must regret the existence of such a website and my prayer is that many more people seeking for the truth may stumble across it.  

J from Kenya

► Hi,

I want to thank you for your web site.  You have articulated many thoughts that were going through my mind; you have answered many questions; you have clarified the meaning of several Bible passages and it has helped me to see the truth and the light.   I feel set free and liberated from tradition and bondage.

I stopped going to Sunday services just over a year ago and I have a much closer walk with God, a much more joyful and peaceful prayer life and better Bible studies.  I am not reading the Bible through the lens of church traditions and dogmas.   Some of what you say is quite harsh but it needs to be.  I remember going to a dentist and he had to apply the anesthetic directly onto a nerve which was excruciating - being tender and skirting around it would not have cured the underlying issue.  The same is true when hard words need to be spoken.

Keep up the good work.  
Blessings, C

► Hi Ken,

I can't thank you enough for your website.  It puts into words everything I think, feel and believe.  After our pastor died, we hired a new guy to fill that role.  I knew something was wrong with his preaching, but couldn't put my finger on it.  His sermons were filled with overtures of authority, but not Jesus' authority.  He was an elder at his prior church, where 3 or 4 men had total rule.  Finally I asked him if he intended on getting the members to vote out our congregational rule form of government to elder rule and he answered "absolutely."  I disagreed and kind words and patience would get me no place.  I confronted the pastor and deacons and shared your website with them, but I received no support.  When my absence was finally noticed, I got another chance to present my case (to the next tier of leaders) that the pastor was subliminally preaching eldership.  This time (backed with your website and having shared it with much of the congregation) I got through to some people, and the charade was over.  The wounds and divisions were so great that my wife and I still had to leave that church.  I did finally get vindication when in a recent sermon (I heard online) the pastor did a mea culpa.  Quite simply, he could not refute all the facts presented on your website.  My (former) church was spared from elder rule or eldership.  Fortunately for the pastor, maybe now he will preach Jesus. 

Thanks again Ken.  I've learned more in the last few months about the Christian church from your website, than I did in my previous 50 years.

  ► Hi Ken,

Thank you for putting together this website. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago. As soon as I started reading your article on "The distorted and deformed church", I physically felt my heart leap! Never had I heard or read anything like this. Now all the puzzle pieces of my decades of "church" experience are finally fitting together into a picture that I couldn't see before. You make perfect sense and I'm so relieved. I now understand how free I am from all of these religious trappings!

I'm enjoying reading all your articles and gaining new insights everyday which makes daily Bible reading something I look forward to because I see a more complete picture now. I even bought a Young's Literal Translation to read alongside my NIV. Maybe I'll get a KJV, too. Now when I come across the word "church" in the NT, I mentally think "assembly". It helps to remove that filter. No more church buildings or local institutionalized church systems for me! I've also been reading about early "church" history. Very interesting. You have awakened in me a desire to learn as much as I can.
I check your website every day. Thank you from my heart for all you do. May God continue to bless you in your work.

► To my brother or sister in Christ (whoever is responsible for the content of,
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for exposing some of the most dark deceptions in today's religious environment. I came upon your website a few months ago (can't recall how I even found it) but I know it was for a reason that I stumbled upon it. It seems every article posted consists of things I've been trying to say/speak up about for the past year. I thank God for you and am praying for you daily. May God grant you the strength to continue proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. 

May the grace and peace given us in Christ Jesus be with you,

► I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information on your website. I have been a pastor for the past 35 years and the last 6 years I have been on a journey to unpasteurized myself. All of the things God has been showing me are confirmed on your website and it has been so encouraging to read your material. I am certain of what God has shown me, but it sure helps when you hear the exact same thing from someone else, and it is once again confirmed. I feel so unworthy for God to show me the Truth at a late age. Thank you for speaking up. It is so hard to find brothers I can really talk to about this. I have lost many pastor friends. They think I am crazy. Anyway, thank you, be encouraged and keep fighting the fight.

► What a joke! Does anyone take you seriously? Your hyperbole and unsupportable statements only confirm the Proverb:

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,
but only in expressing his opinion.


Dear Nathan,  

Thanks for your e-mail and for your concern.
You glanced over and read a few snippets that angered you, and not because they were "a joke" or "hyperbole" or "unsupportable" but because you could not contradict what was said with the Scriptures.

It is clear to even a fool that there is quoted a plethora of Scriptures, as well as real-life concrete examples, on every page of this website.  Scriptures back up what we speak.  

Do yourself a favor Nathan., and read the material on the site with an open mind and an open Bible, and see who it is that is making "a joke."

I know for a fact that to some poor blinded and bound Christians, this site seems "like a joke" and is not "to be taken seriously."  But this should not be surprising seeing that: 

"...But the natural man (that's you Nathan) receives not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness (a joke; hyperbole) unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."  ( 1 Cor. 2:14)  

May the Lord lead you to His Truth,





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