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About us | Exposing corrupt church leaders for what they really are

The false teaching of “pastoral authority” and “eldership rule,” a diabolical and confounded misrepresentation of the Scriptures, is one of the prominent indicators that you are dealing with a cult.  It is also one of the single most powerful delusions on the market.  

Jesus rejected the authoritarian structure of his own religious heritage and anything that even came close to the carnal rule of men.  Jesus unfolds this throughout His entire ministry, one notable example being in Matthew 20:20-28:

"You know that the rulers of the Gentiles are lording it over them, and those who are great are wielding authority over them. YET IT WILL NOT BE SO AMONG YOU."

IT IS TO THIS END, and in accordance with the counsel of the Scriptures that WICKEDSHEPHERDS.COM unhesitatingly exposes these corrupted church leaders up for who and what they really are – workers of iniquity and serial killers of the soul, disguised as ministers of righteousness in the Name of Jesus Christ, Whom they do not know, but Whom we know, and thus we speak. 

This website is committed to proclaiming the Truth about Jesus Christ and His Word through a diligent study of the Scriptures. 

It is the Lord’s Ministry and His Workmanship.  Man's approval is not requested, required, or relevant. 

Notwithstanding, all of our readers are encouraged to be of an open mind and to search the scriptures for themselves to see if these things are so.

All of the material on this website is arranged, authorized, managed, and maintained solely by, including but not limited to all of its articles, graphics, links, photos, banners, etc.  

There is no staff; no secretary; no editors.  No one is on a salary or payroll.  This website is 100% free.  It has nothing to sell, nor will it ever.  No financial burden is placed upon those who seek the Truth.  Matthew 10:8, "...freely ye have received, freely give."   We willingly speak up and serve and feel very privileged to proclaim the Truth and to suffer persecution for doing so.

We are not affiliated with any group, nor do we affirm any man-made dogmas or creeds. We are who our Heavenly Father says we are.  We are bondservants of Christ Jesus.  We follow the Lord and His will in the Scriptures alone, even when we don't like it.
If the Word shatters cherished beliefs, then we are willing to be shattered, no matter how painful it is. Isn’t God's Truth more important than personal belief, and loyalty to that Truth more important than loyalty to traditions, the commandments of men, or our local church? 

We do not cling to man’s words when they are discovered to be such but rely solely upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom and courage.

Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

We point out errors and evils in the local institutional church and of man's ways, not because we are self-righteous or “know-it-alls" but because we are charged by our Lord to bring the Truth to bear against non-truth.
2 Tim. 4:2 - "...Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all patience and instruction."
Titus 1:9 - "...Exposing those who contradict."

When a situation gets to the place where so-called “church leaders” are willing to literally turn children against their parents, and turn wives and husbands against each other, then it is time to speak loudly and clearly.  When believers are taught to actually hate another believer simply because he dared to challenge the pastor or left the church to join another, the cultic mentality must be exposed.

When a church tyrant commandeers control of the individual's conscience, commanding them what to do and what not to do, directing practically every area of their life, personal revolt is nearly impossible. The poor sheep is scared of everything and everybody.  When they are cut off from even asking or sharing the questions and difficulties in their heart, then they literally have no one to help them. 

What a shameful tragedy, that men will exert such carnal, authoritarian rule over the saints of God, and then brazenly assert that such is in harmony, even the requirement, of our Lord Jesus Christ under the guise of eldership rule and authority.

It is long overdue to help some badly beaten sheep and expose the awful tyranny and outrageous claims of papal power that has been concocted by those who "lord it over" those in the church. 

Moral courage today is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle.  Sometimes it is hard to find those who will stand with you in the fight.  Yet, moral courage is the one essential vital quality for those who seek to expose and change a man-made “church system” that is bent on destroying anyone or anything which gets in their way.

Being faithful to Him and to His Word should be our first priority.  At this website, you will be provided with the occasion to see the Lord Jesus in ways perhaps you have never seen Him before, along with verses of Scripture and examples that are certainly NOT going to be pointed out to you in the churches of Babylon.  Rather than calling out to God for help and wisdom, you can certainly run back to your "pastor" and ask him to explain these verses, but what do you think he will tell you.  Some people already know what answer he will give.  That’s why they run to him! 

Christ is our only Master and He will not play second fiddle to anything or anyone in our lives.  Count the cost, because it requires our life. People who remove themselves from this corrupt, unscriptural system out of faithfulness to Christ and His Word will have a heavy price to pay, just as their Great Example did. 

When you do, you will learn very fast just how little interest indeed many of your supposed Christians friends have in God’s Truth. You will be accused of heresy, of joining a cult, of abandoning your friends, and family.  It will get plenty rough before it gets better. 

Your choice to live by the Truth’s of God’s Word will reveal enemies and persecution from sources you never dreamed of!  You will be mocked, lied about, slandered, and silenced (so they hope) by those in so-called “positions of church leadership" and by those who follow them.

Ephesians 5:11 commands, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them." 
Just like as abortion is a work of darkness, and pornography is a work of darkness, and idolatry is a work of darkness, even so, spiritual abuse; unbiblical authoritarianism; a so-called “eldership” that culminates in the destruction of the family and of the marriage institution, are works of darkness, with many people left in ruins.   

Jesus spoke of the 99 sheep, but one of them went astray, and eventually was found.

If one person in a hundred is helped through this website, it has all been worth it!

If one marriage is saved because couples were scouring through this website, it has all been worth it! 

Every single “church” which practices these abominations; every single “pastor/elder” who engages in these diabolical schemes that are highlighted throughout this website should know that there is a fighting group of Christians who are exposing them. 

Perhaps, the reader already knows the names of these churches and pastors.  Is your church one of them?  Is your pastor one of them?  Are YOU one of them? 

The Reformation has never ended.  In fact, it is just beginning.  

The deceivers that occupy these pulpits today are smart and they are clever, and they understand human nature.  They know how to deceive and they know how to destroy.  Yet, because of WICKEDSHEPHERDS.COM and other sites like it, those in so-called “positions of church leadership," along with all their diabolical tactics, are being seen by the whole world for who and what they really are....religious hucksters in empty suits.

The monsters masks are being taken off and we see the sickening, grotesque, and putrefying horror that's behind them. 

The "duly-authorized pastors" aren't.  The so-called sacred men in the pulpit are liars.  

And none of them want their illusions shattered.  This is why religious strongmen will always get angry when they see or hear of someone teaching the Truth and exposing them for who they are. 

These men NEED YOU to be there in order for them to carry on.  Without the dumb sheep willingly playing the game, giving away their true standing and freedom, the whole system of operation would not function and they will shrivel up into nothing.

The reason is because when Christians STOP following them, then these men will lose their power, their prestige, their comfort zone, their free money, their pride, their position, their perceived authority.  

When this happens, the people will only have one choice left: either they follow Jesus Christ, or they reject Jesus Christ. 

But it has happened and it continues to happen and more is yet to come.

“Now the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot know them, because they are spiritually examined. But he that is spiritual examines all things, and he himself is examined of no man.”  

1 Corinthians 2:14-15

As has been cited many times on this site, the importance of this verse in arriving at truth and understanding God’s Word cannot be overestimated.  

As you scour this site, hopefully, there will be some of you who will gain a little knowledge and understanding as to how wicked shepherds have corrupted, contaminated, and disfigured the church; turning it into an enslaving institutional system, which was not founded by Jesus Christ, but by men who love to feed upon and control other human beings. 

Remember though, as you read and study, pray for the ability to see and hear the deep truths presented throughout.  Without God's Spirit, all the time in the world will not bring one to the knowledge of the Truth. The Spirit of God is not something that I, or any man, can give to you.

May the Lord Himself grant unto us ears to hear "the voice of the True Shepherd" and may you find the faith and courage to do what God would have you to do, because doing it will bring you the peace, joy, and freedom that Jesus died to provide.

You may link to our site, friend or foe. The Truth will speak for Himself and will acquit Himself gloriously.

You are welcome to use any of the articles that you think might be of help to people and freely distribute it to others. 

All we ask is that you mention 1) where the article is coming from: i.e our website address (; 2) the name of the author of the article; 3) and that you do not in any way ALTERCHANGE or SELL any of the contents of any article, or any material from  is given freely to all, and it is illegal to make copies and then sell those copies to others.  
Please report any violations.   

Ken Cascio 

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For example, the word "church" in the Bible never referred to a white building with a steeple that people go to once a week on Sunday morning and/or evening. 

Likewise, the word "pastor" in the Bible never referred to the head of a Protestant "church" who wears a nice suit and tie, delivers a sermon, lives in a parsonage, and collects a salary. In fact, you would not have any idea what a "pastor" is in the Bible without examining all of the related Scriptures, for the word "pastor" only occurs once in most English versions of the New Testament without any mention of what it is. 

You must see how Scripture relates to all other verses so that all the Scripture agrees without any contradictions. In the end, you may not like what the Scripture says, but are you willing to follow it? 

 Sadly, for many inside church institutionalism today, the answer is a resounding….“NO WAY, JOSE!”
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