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Coronavirus Update

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"Not in word only, 
but in power"

1 Cor. 4:20

“You have the right to remain stupid”


Make no mistake about it; the Coronavirus crisis is wreaking havoc and confusion amongst the adherents to the “local institutional church system.”

For the past few weeks, about all you hear coming from the mouths of the "paid professional clergy" within the system is the importance and necessity of “Public Worship” and how THIS (supposedly) is what pleases God the most; NOT staying at home.

The false teaching that God prefers, let alone, requires “public worship” over private or home worship is so blatantly misleading and corrupt, that you really have to be startled afresh as to how much blindness and darkness has overridden the hearts and minds of those inside the local institutional church system.

Not only is there ZERO Biblical support for such nonsense (notwithstanding the totally out-of-context and utterly irrelevant and “off-the-topic” verses that are used to supposedly support it) but using just plain old common sense will tell you otherwise!

Always remember this, and please listen carefully and never forget it:

Without so-called “public worship,” YOUR PASTOR WILL BE OUT OF A JOB!!

“Staying away” or being home during this Coronavirus crisis doesn’t fair well on his livelihood and man-made profession.  No wonder people are being repeatedly charged and admonished ad nauseam for the last couple of weeks to “not get too comfortable and accustomed in your new situation!”

I wonder if, “keeping his job” has anything to do with his twisted and perverted teaching, which he calls biblical?

I don’t know. Just sayin’!

“Nah,” you say. “My pastor is sooo sincere, sooo humble, and sooo godly. You are so, so wrong about this!”

REALLY? Consider this.

Your pastor will never admit to this or even believe it, but let the Truth be known… Jesus is not the founder of “going to church.” God the Father did not send His Son into the world to start a religion and a ritualistic practice of “going to church.”

“Going to church” has nothing whatsoever to do with Scripture or with following Jesus.

“Church” is not a place that you get into your car and drive to.

YOU ARE THE CHURCH…..24/7; in any place and at any time, and to makes matters worse, “God doesn’t need or even wants your money, to boot!”

Why will “a pastor” never admit this?  

Quoting from another brother, THIS is why, and is 100% true:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his livelihood and salary depends upon his not understanding it."

See the problem?

It is the nature of man and his carnal flesh that will attempt to bring God down into a realm that will enable them to worship Him according to the system that they have conveniently set up for themselves or perhaps, the system that they have been taught in seminary and/or the environment in which they were raised in all their life.

This is why some worship idols; some worship images of wood, metal, or stone.  Others worship the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Some must go to a building to worship God and must have all manner of ritual, liturgy, worship services, everything laid out for them, etc.  Some must have a Jesus in a body of flesh on the cross, before they can worship God.

But Jesus said that God was seeking a people who would worship God in the realm and sphere in which God is - in Spirit and Truth.  (John Chapter 4) Worshiping in a prescribed physical location or even worshiping a physical location is not worship at all!

"Oh," you say, "I do not worship the location or the building; I just go there to worship God."

Listen my friend, if you must go there in order to worship God, YOU ARE WORSHIPING THE PLACE!

When we worship God in Spirit and in Truth, it separates us and takes away all traditions of men, all the ceremonies and all the rituals and all the pre-planned forms and “services” that every religious body of people are cumbered with.  As Jesus said, we won't go to a mountain, and neither will we find it necessary to go to a temple. 

This is one of the great Truths that the vast majority of Christendom and its adherents have refused to lay hold of to this day.  That is, that the place of worship has no bearing whatsoever on the act of worship.  Today, in order to hold together the “local institutional church system” and the scheme that men have developed, there must be a place of worship and people must gather themselves together at that designated place and at the prescribed time and day so that they may worship. Failing to do so (TO THEM) is failing to worship and you are being disobedient to God.

Anyone who claims to be able to worship God at any time and in any place becomes a heretic to these people and their hierarchical leaders.  For, as intimated earlier, if the places of worship were taken away, and the people truly began to worship in Spirit and in Truth, then the whole local institutional church system would fall apart. There would be no reason for it to continue, and rightly so, thank the Lord!

The whole religious, man-made “church system” is built upon having a "place" for people to arrive at in order that the works of men may be carried out AND (not so coincidentally) in order that these same men can continue to receive a salary, or as the Scripture describes these peddlers of religion:“hirelings!”

It is when the place becomes important; it is when pastors and their institutions demand your attendance, by hook or by crook as they say; when they demand your submission; your allegiance to them and their program, claiming that you cannot be blessed or even make it in to heaven apart from their teaching, their method, their order, their program, their institution - it is there that worship in Spirit and in Truth is being usurped by worship in "this mountain" or in "Jerusalem."

Men and their religious institutions will always tell us where, when, and how to worship, whereas the Scriptures will tell us otherwise.

So, in conclusion,

If there is anything good that will come out of this Coronavirus crisis, it is the hope and prayer that many minds and hearts be opened as the Spirit of God moves across the Earth, setting multitudes free from their local institutional church prison houses and from the captivity, rule, and false teachings of men!

Pray that many will finally come to the full and true realization, perhaps for the first time in their life, that locations and religious structures are completely irrelevant as a condition to worshiping the Father in Spirit and in Truth, no matter what "hirelings" may say to the contrary.

May God help us in these dark days that still lie ahead and may He grant a pouring out of His Spirit upon the land, the likes of which no one has ever yet seen, breaking the chains of bondage to men and their falsehoods and setting them free with the Truth of His Word and His Son.


Ken Cascio
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