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Wicked Shepherds Open Book
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                                                  The Reformation has never ended.  It is just beginning.
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​Church teachings are tailored to fit the “local church” doctrines and thinking, emphasizing only the Scriptures they want to emphasize.

 You will very seldom hear anything from the pulpit that would be considered controversial.
In this “local institutional church” environment, you can read the Bible over and over and NEVER see the obvious, only until you are removed from this “local institutional-controlled” atmosphere. 

Very often, man’s church indoctrinates and blinds people with its “tunnel-vision” thinking and in and of itself can be a real “mind-binder.” 
   THE OFFICIAL SITE                "Not in word only, but in power.." 1 Corinthians 4:20                
​The “Organized Local Church” is basically for those finding comfort in someone else telling them what the Bible has to say. 

They prefer not to do any research on their own. 

In this way the “Church” is in complete control of their thinking. 

For myself, I have chosen the path of “religious freedom.”

Robert W. Stace

Religious Tunnel Vision