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Wicked Shepherds Open Book
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Jesus had thirty-three years on this planet. 

I would have set Him up with public ministry as a child. I would have wanted to get as many years as possible for Jesus to make His impact. I would have set up a world tour for Jesus.

 He could speak to millions all over the world. Yet the wisdom of God seems foolish to the human perspective.

The Father kept Jesus in hiding for most of His life, only to release Him for His final three years. 

Jesus spent most of these last year’s roaming throughout the countryside of Galilee. There were not a lot of people 
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around there in comparison to the population of the world at that time. 

He visited the big city a few times, but spent most of His life in obscurity. 

The entire world had no clue that the Son of God was currently walking the planet. 

Throughout Jesus’ short life, He remained within a hundred miles of His hometown. 

He held no public position of authority.

Paul Vieira 
Jesus Has Left the Building
Ministry in Obscurity